CV Citra Harapan Jaya – Lever Hoist HVR II dengan Teknologi Jepang – 750 Kg merk Kobachi dengan kualitas terbaik. Menjual Chain block manual dan electric, lever hoist, chain hoist mini sling dan trolley berbagai ukuran.

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Kobachi HVR-II Series is designed with capacities and features that make it ideal for all industrial lifting, pulling, lower and fasten needs. APPLICATIONS:

  • Used for loading a truck, centering building material at construction site, setting up or moving machinery and other heavy objects such as pipes, and so on.
  • Ideal for transportation, manufacturing plants, shipyards, construction sites, mines and forestry.


  • Easy operation: Load chain sprocket features deep groove ball bearing allowing for easy pulling.
  • Supporting driving shaft is equipped with high quality needle bearing for increased durability.
  • 360 degrees rotating handle for ease of use in confined spaces.
  • All Kobachi lever blocks are equipped with reliable Twin Pawl braking system and double chain guide roller system for maximum safety and smoother operation.
  • Easily and quickly adjust lifting height with idling / free wheel mechanism.
  • Open frame design allows for easy and quick maintenance and inspection.
  • High strength, cold-formed, stamped steel manufacturing process makes the cover lighter in weight yet impact-resistant.
  • Load chain is made of high tensile alloy steel.
  • Top and bottom hooks are made of forged high strength alloy steel with heat-treatment process.
  • The hooks have three stretch indicators, and are are designed to slowly bend in case of overloading, avoiding any load drop or personal injury.
  • Hooks are equipped with cast steel safety latch with reliable safety mechanism.


Kobachi Mini-Electric Wire Rope Hoist is compact and easy to set-up and use. It adopts single-phase power and thus making it very practical and easily used anywhere.


  • Suitable for workshops, material handling, industrial assembly lines and other small to medium industry needs.
  • Also very ideal for household garages, small DIY workshops and warehouses where no three-phase power is available.


  • Dual Lifting Capacity
  • Non-rotating wire rope
  • IP54 Protection Grade
  • Thermal prevention device
  • Upper & Lower Limit Switch


CV Citra Harapan Jaya (CHJ) adalah distributor peralatan las (Welding Equipment), peralatan angkat (Lifting Equipment), dan aksesoris las terlengkap se-Indonesia. Kami memiliki lebih dari 25 tahun pengalaman di bidang Welding(Pengelasan), memenuhi kebutuhan berbaagai industri di Indonesia khususnya dalam sector pengelasan sejak tahun 1993.

Visi: Menjadi distributor perlengkapan las dan alat-alat teknik nomor satu TERPERCAYA, TERKINI, TERLENGKAP se-Indonesia.

Misi: Terus menyediakan produk ‘High Quality’ dengan mengedepankan servis pelayanan yang ‘Excellent’ dan ‘After-Sales’ yang ramah & responsif kepada semua pelanggan dan mitra kami.


  • TERPERCAYA Berpengalaman sebagai supplier besar mesin dan perlengkapan las di dunia industri welding sejak tahun 1993, oleh karena itu kami dapat menjadi mitra yg terpercaya untuk ANDA.
  • TERKINI Dengan pengetahuan dan pengalaman kami sebagai mitra terpercaya di industri welding, memotivasi kami untuk konsisten mengikuti perkembangan kemajuan teknologi dan melakukan pembaharuan produk dalam bidang industri welding, sehingga anda bisa mendapatkan teknologi serta produk terdepan dan terkini dari kami untuk ANDA.
  • TERLENGKAP Kami akan menjadi mitra strategis anda dalam Industri Welding yang menyediakan semua kebutuhan anda dalam Industri Welding, mulai dari kategori: Welding Machine, Chain Block, Hoist & Trolley, Cutting Machine, Abrasives, Welding Consumables, Welding Cable & Welding Accessories, semua hanya untuk ANDA.


ModelCapacity (Ton)Lifting Height (m)Chain FallChain Diameter (mm)Running Test Load


ModelDimensionsWeight (kg)



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