CV Citra Harapan Jaya – Electric Chain Block dengan Teknologi Jepang 1 Ton merk Kobachi dengan kualitas terbaik. Menjual Chain block manual dan electric, lever hoist, chain hoist mini sling dan trolley berbagai ukuran.

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The HSY type Electric chain hoist series is a compact, light, small-sized but versatile electric chain hoist that boasts good quality finish, good safety features, long life-span and high efficiency.
  • Widely used in factories, mines, warehouses, cargo storage areas and workshops
  • Also Ideal for manufacturing plants, outdoor job sites & construction sites


  • Hoist body is made of aluminum die-cast, which is very rigid but light, and features high dust protection and water protection.
  • Hoist body also features fins designed to dissipate heat faster, which increase the duty cycle and allows for longer usage times between breaks.
  • Emergency stop button is included in the push button control, allowing the motor power to be disconnected in an emergency without having to cut off the main power supply.
  • Electromagnetic braking device: A fail-safe connection system is installed in the motor circuit. It allows for instant braking as soon as the electrical power is cut off, and the electromagnetic brake will not release until power is restored.
  • Inverse phase sequence protecting device protects the electrical components from damage caused by wiring error by making the circuit stopped working whenever a wiring error occurs.
  • Upper-lower limit switch: A limit switch is installed where the load is lifted on and off. In the event that a load is lifted or lowered excessively, the limit switch stops the motor, preventing hoist or load chain damage.
  • 24V/36V transformer device is used to prohibit unexpected accidents caused by electrical leakage and guarantees the safe use of device while raining.
  • Load Chain: G80 FEC Chain, anti-rust and anti-corrosion.
  • Hook can be rotated 360 degrees and includes safety latch.


CV Citra Harapan Jaya (CHJ) adalah distributor peralatan las (Welding Equipment), peralatan angkat (Lifting Equipment), dan aksesoris las terlengkap se-Indonesia. Kami memiliki lebih dari 25 tahun pengalaman di bidang Welding(Pengelasan), memenuhi kebutuhan berbaagai industri di Indonesia khususnya dalam sector pengelasan sejak tahun 1993.

Visi: Menjadi distributor perlengkapan las dan alat-alat teknik nomor satu TERPERCAYA, TERKINI, TERLENGKAP se-Indonesia.

Misi: Terus menyediakan produk ‘High Quality’ dengan mengedepankan servis pelayanan yang ‘Excellent’ dan ‘After-Sales’ yang ramah & responsif kepada semua pelanggan dan mitra kami.


  • TERPERCAYA Berpengalaman sebagai supplier besar mesin dan perlengkapan las di dunia industri welding sejak tahun 1993, oleh karena itu kami dapat menjadi mitra yg terpercaya untuk ANDA.
  • TERKINI Dengan pengetahuan dan pengalaman kami sebagai mitra terpercaya di industri welding, memotivasi kami untuk konsisten mengikuti perkembangan kemajuan teknologi dan melakukan pembaharuan produk dalam bidang industri welding, sehingga anda bisa mendapatkan teknologi serta produk terdepan dan terkini dari kami untuk ANDA.
  • TERLENGKAP Kami akan menjadi mitra strategis anda dalam Industri Welding yang menyediakan semua kebutuhan anda dalam Industri Welding, mulai dari kategori: Welding Machine, Chain Block, Hoist & Trolley, Cutting Machine, Abrasives, Welding Consumables, Welding Cable & Welding Accessories, semua hanya untuk ANDA.


ModelCapacity (Ton)Lifting Height (m)Chain FallLifting Speed (m/min)Lifting MotorChain Diameter (mm)Weight (kg)
Power (watt)Speed (r/min)PhaseVoltage (V)Frequency (Hz)
HSY 0101S1623,67501440338050ø6.368
HSY 0102S111223,67501440122050ø6.375,6
HSY 0102S311223,67501440338050ø6.374,6


ModelCapacity (Ton)Lifting Height (m)Dimension
HSY 0101S16680460230288165ø3428ø34251919
HSY 0102S1112680460230288165ø3428ø34251919
HSY 0102S3112680460230288165ø3428ø34251919



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